Duntroon re-vamps their worm farm

Duntroon School decided to get their worm farm going again

First Step was to scrunch newspaper and soak it in water


Having fun scrunching

Then it was stuffed into the tyres

This is where the worm breed
The new worm farm was set up on a pellet on an angle so that worm juice can be collected from it.  A large scoop of the old worm farm was put into the first tyre so that the worms would have a familiar environment 
 Worms LOVE HORSE POO and we gave them a nice thick layer of it.  In the smaller bucket is a scoop of worms from the Waitaki Community Gardens to give Duntroon Schools worm farm a boot in worm population.  Mrs Brown suggested that these new worms would probably be very community minded 🙂 she is very punny 🙂

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