Winter Garden activities buzzing along

The gardens around Oamaru Schools are still buzzing with activities. Despite the cold frozen temperatures the sun shines by day and there are plenty of fun jobs to be doing in the garden.
Pembroke School had fun learning to plait up bird feeders.


In garden news from Pembroke.  One student ate a delicious peach and planted the stone.  From that stone grew a tree and in the last year it produced peaches.  What a delicious story!!


St Joseph’s School had a great time last week when they planted a speical applet tree.  It was bought with the proceeds from their producing selling after mass each week.  The apple tree is one variety of root stock, another variety grafter on near the base and another variety grafted near the top.  So this apple tree will prdue two different apples on different branches.  How great. The children enjoyed helping plant the tree.



The hole was filled with compost before the tree was placed in it.

A happy bunch of students


St Joseph’s also made some painted stone signs for the garden

Painting both sides of the stone and writing on it with a vivid once it was dry



They look great in place


Fenwick School got busy pricking out some seedlings that have sprouted under a clotch.
Filling containers with come potting mix
And mixing in some dirt/compost from the garden


They carefully pricked out the seedlings and potted them up.

Hoete  led a digging crew and they dug in a lot of autumn leaves into the garden


Happy diggers


Hoete’s gardening tip of the week is to clean, sharpen and oil if necessary all garden tools, to be ready for the spring.
Fenwick School have so much produce still growing and the students LOVE to harvest it and take it home to their families
A healthy abundance of Silver Beet


Go Fenwick


In other exciting ‘Kid’s Growing’ Garden club news.  We are planning a fundraiser fro the end of the year.  Keep you eye out in the near future for tickets to tour our School Gardens.  With fair like stalls, pizza from one schools Pizza oven and produce for sale it will surely be such a fun day out.  We’ll let you know when it is so you can book some time for it.
Keep Warm!!!




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