North Otago Home School Visit

The Community Gardens had a wonderful visit from a group of Home Schoolers.  We were so thrilled to hear that every family had a garden at home.  We toured the garden, had games, worked through stations of seed bombs, worm farms and compost.  The afternoon was finished up with delicious pizzas from the dragon wood fired clay pizza oven.
One creative task that we mastered that day was making a paper pocket.  A great easy pocket to make that can be used to share seedlings or seeds.  Here is a step by step recipe to make you own paper pocket.
A standard newspaper sheet can be ripped into thirds.

Take your  piece of paper and fold over a top edge towards you


Flip/turn over your piece of paper


Flod in your first side of your pocket


Fold in your second side of your pocket


Flip /turn over your nearly done pocket, fold in the bottom edges of your pocket to make it easy to slide it into the top edge of your pocket


Slide the folded edge into the top edge of your pocket


Flip/turn over you pocket and lift the top of your initial fold and place the the underneath edge inside it


And there you go


Good luck with giving it a go



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