Some nice things happening at Waitaki Valley School

Waitaki Valley School Garden Club students have been busy in recent weeks with bird feeders, seed tape and sign making.

 Some nice sign’s being painted with the help of Ella McKelvey

 Sure to scare some birds away

New Garlic sign post

 But of special note is the project that Room 4 student Kelvin is doing.  He has been working towards Project Gold and has raised these Kowhai seeds as part of the DOC local regeneration project in the Waitaki Valley.  Well done Kelvin your Kowhai seedlings look so healthy and they will be a great addition to your local native regeneration project. 🙂

Also some garlic planting has been happening

Making the rows and planting the bulbs

Great team work

The idea behind some later garlic planting is that the garlic will be ready to harvest next year when the students return to school from the summer holidays
Students have recently started working on a Bee Calander.  Learning about bees and getting to know their seasonal needs and activites

 Agatha draws her bee and tells us that some parents buy honey and give it to children when they are unwell

Great start to the Bee Calander, we started with early spring activites

 Resources and felts.  We learnt Bee’s have 4 wings, 6 legs like many other insects


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