Winter activites

Despite the cold weather all out Garden Clubs are still buzzing with activites.  Bird feeders have still been popular.  Children at Waitaki Valley School had fun mixing the bird seed and dripping and placing the mixture into cookie cutters.

Students also got to practice and learn plaiting for the bird feeders

Hearts, angels and pine cones.  Chrissy from the Kurow vet donated some plastic scoops that have been a great mold fro the bird feeders.  Thanks Chrissy.

Also Students at Pembroke School had a turn at plaiting and stringing up the bird feeders

A lovely visit from Carol and Hannah

It is so nice to have mums and their children come to help in the school garden

Even wee pre-schoolers who come along to Garden Club get to be involved and try out some of the tasks

Making seed tape has also been a popular winter activity.  Students at Kurow made some seed tape of leeks and carrot

Pembroke students also made some seed tape

These Students set up this seed tape station with rocks to stop the wind blowing it away
Pembroke school garden is looking good with recent bok choy and garlic plantings and we noticed some bird damage so the children placed this spinning flower to deter the birds from the new seedlings.


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