Kids Growing Fundraiser

We have had a few busy weeks in the preparation for our Kids Growing Fundraiser held on the 4th September at St Kevins Auditorium

It was a wonderful evening of talks, daffodil giveaways, lucky tickets and raffle winners.
A huge thank you to everyone for your support.  Thanks to our generous raffle prize sponsors.  Udder Success Cheeses, Kate Watts Gloves and funky tea towels.  Four Square Kurow, Charity Shop Oamaru, Helath 2000. the Organic Larder and Bobbing Creek Wines Waitaki Valley.
The Gardens are showing some nice sign of growth with warmer days.
St Josephs School have a cool project going on with recycling willow prunings into neat tee pee shapes for the peas
Parent help Louise McDougall has great ideas


Bird protection was made for the strawberries

With the help of a visiting Father
Children learnt about pricking out and potted up some lettuces in punnets


The Tui product has been so great
Pembroke school have been making many paper pockets and the students have loved taking them home filled with sunflower or tomato seeds to germinate.
Paper pockets have been very popular.
Fenwick School have been doing some great jobs in recent weeks in preparation for spring.
Weeding to prepare for daffodil bulbs

Cleaning up the silver beet patch

Weeding the tunnel house

Planting out some hardy kale with Hoete

Planting the daffodils

Waitaki Valley School have continued with their late harvest garlic planting and preserving heritage NZ seeds


Seed Saving

It has been neat working with Duntroon School in recent weeks, planting spuds and they have exciting plans for the Bee aware September, watch this space!!



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