Duntroon School’s Bee Aware day was a real Buzz

Duntroon School put on a beeutiful day on 15.9.15 as part of the Bee Aware September, a National Beekeepers Association of New Zealand initiative.  Duntroon School is well aware of the importance of Bee’s and wanted to show their full support and educate the students in a fun way.

Delicious honey and bee themed treats were made by their school garden club team.  Janet, Mischa and Leanne.  Leanne made Annabel Langbeins lemon. honey and cream puds with an edible borage flower.  They were so delicious I had two!

Mischa made this amazing Bee hive cake

I made bee bickkies~~and some flowers

Janet made these great bee’s as well as earrings 🙂

A local beekeeper Richard Aarts gave the students a talk about the importance of bees.  He brought bee keeping gear that the children could handle to see where the bees live and make honey.



Some student’s got the opportunity to dress in a bee suit.


Student’s learnt bee facts. Here are some.

”We need bees, more than you might think. Bees pollinate one third of the food we eat, and life would be a struggle without them. It’s a two-way street, though – bees need us to plant food they can eat, to keep them buzzing and doing the awesome stuff they do for us.
Over $5 billion of New Zealand’s agricultural exports also depend on bees. Bee numbers worldwide are in decline and we must do all that we can to save them before it’s too late – some of the main factors causing this are nutritional stress, lack of food compromising the bees’ resistance to pests and diseases, and pesticides and sprays.” N.B.NZ website
Also Richard Aarts told the students that spring and autumn are high pollen times, which the bees collect on their legs, and the height of summer is more a high nectar time that they use for making honey.  Bee’s favourite flowers are white clover, vipers bluglos and scottish thistle.
Students had a bee themed mufti day and a soup lunch made from the school’s edible garden.  Funds raised go towards the school edible garden.  All the soup SOLD OUT. There was a veggie and a potato and leek soup. 


The bee cake, bickkies and bee treats were enjoyed by all. the long line for bee cake!


Bee and flower bickkies
Most student’s got a face paint too

Flower face paint and bickkie

The great team at Duntroon School, teachers and staff in colourful support of their School edible garden bee day  The garden co-ordinators past and present. Miscah, Leanne, Megan and Janet
Way to go Duntroon sschool  Best of luck for the National Beekeepers Association New Zealand photo competition being run this bee aware september month.


                                        Congrats for a great event Duntroon School. Very inspiring.
                              Check out the link to learn more about Bee aware month.                                      http://www.nba.org.nz/beeawaremonth/

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