Spring in full swing

Spring is here as we are enjoying some beautiful days, frosty starts and spring flowers.  The gardens are getting planted out with seedlings and seeds.  Duntroon School is still buzzing from it’s great Bee Aware day and this week Garden Club Kids made Buzzy Bee’s with the help from one of the Duntroon School Garden Co-ordinators, Janet Brown.
The bee bodies are made by twisting the pipe cleaners around your finger.

The students buzzed off to the flowers to test their bee pollinating powers on the school fruit trees
Bees like daffodills too
Equipt with wings the bees could sting too!!

Aren’t they cute bee’s.  Nice work Janet Brown and students


Teams also got weeding

GREAT to see more parent help come to have fun in the garden 🙂

Teams got planting.  Here is Mischa and Sophia
Of special mention is the feijoa shrub that Duntoon School have proudly bought with their proceeds they made from their soup day last week.
Here they get planting with Duntroon other School Garden Co-ordinator Mischa Clouston

And it got watered.  What a neat way to spend their soup money

Duntroon School have a shed and Mischa has designed these neat hooks and trays for the students to have good access to the tools and it looks so cool and tidy.
  Great ideas for others schools
Waitaki Valley School Garden Club students had Ella McKelvey parent help bring along some raspberry cuttings that the students planted out

Katie dug a good hole

Katy did a goo job watering
Students got to pot up some currant cuttings to take home.  Katy Tyrrell suggested the berries are delicious on pancakes! Thanks for the tip.
This week students weeded the garlic patch and dug in some of the green manure plants we planted

The late harvest garlic should be read to harvest and plait up when the students return from their summer holidays.  It is looking good.

Students dug over a new garden bed and planted sunflower seeds

Students also potted up some paper pockets with a few sunflower or collard seeds to take home

Fenwick school have been busy in their lovely garden, weeding the garlic.
 Digging in the left over cauliflower leaves

They have some exciting news, that their hanging garden is now up and ready for planting!!
Made wtih the help of Hoete, a grandparent help, it looks AMAZING.  Complete with carpet lined growing shelves the children enjoyed planting strawberry plants. YUM


And also in great news, a new parent help in the Fenwick School Garden! Welcome Alice

Sorting out the strawberry plants and weeding

It is always fun for the students to be able to take home plants, seeds, seedlings.  Last week they got to take home whole silverbeet plants


Something nice we have started at Fenwick School is ‘Mindfulness in the Garden’ at the start of every gardening club we have a sit down around the herb tyres and go through a mindfulness exercise.  The children have responded well.  It is nice to have a calm start to all the gardening activity and for students to draw their attention to the peace and sounds in the garden.
At St Joseph’s School there has been some awesome parent help.  Louise McDougall continues to inspire the students with her creative ideas.  Nice work Louise.

Whilst removing the parsley that was bolting the team found a few tasty carrots that EVERYONE was keen to try.

Another great thing for the School Garden’s is when grandparents visit and impart their wisdom.  Here Grandfather Morris visits and plants potatoes with the students.


We had some left over bird feeder mix that we placed into the trees for the birds to find

Lots of weeding was done, pulling out the last of the kale

Some mizuna seedlings were raised that the Waitaki Community Gardens glasshouse.  Students got to plant out the seedlings.

Having fun in the process and getting hands a bit dirty.
And last but not least Pembroke School have been having fun in their lovely garden.  More and more student’s seem to come each week.  So a call out to more parent and grandparent help!
Here our only parent help Jade gets planting with the keen gardeners

Students LOVE taking trays and pockets home to get their home gardens going.  It’s great to see

Student’s getting paper pockets to fill with flower or sunflower seeds

Putting seeds their paper pockets

Grace is a keen gardener and is watering the strawberry patch!

Eating, and harvesting and weeding the broccoli patch that has gone to seed

It is great when pre-schoolers come along to Garden Club with their parents.  They get to hang out with the big kids and in this case plant some sunflower seeds along the way 🙂


Time for School holidays.  Try and visit your local school garden or offer to help out on Garden Club day next term. Get planting.  Sunflower seeds take 100 days to mature so now is a good time 🙂


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