Warm Weather and a new moon mean GET PLANTING

With the wild winds in the holidays behind us and tales of the damage done, children got stuck into their gardens today, planting planting planting!
Seedlings were raised in the Waitaki Community Gardens glasshouse and with this new moon today the time was perfect to planting them out.
Some moon info: ‘At the new moon, the lunar gravity pulls water up, and causes the seeds to swell and burst. This factor, coupled with the increasing moonlight creates balanced root and leaf growth. This is the best time for planting above ground annual crops that produce their seeds outside the fruit. Examples are lettuce, spinach, celery, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and grain crops. Cucumbers like this phase also, even though they are an exception to that rule’

.Duntroon School had a lot of seedlings to choose from, parent helpers Page and Megan got to preparing the soil

Mrs Janet Brown helped dig the healthy soil and students planted some cabbages


It was such a beautiful day today.  Lots of weeding and planting got done

Planting lettuces

All of Duntroon Schools native trees and fruit orchard got a good watering too.

Grace watering the feijoa that the students bought with money they made on their pumpkin soup stall recently.  Nice skills.

Watering the kowhai trees

Waitaki Valley School in Kurow planted out a huge salad bar.  They were encouraged to come and add lettuce to their sandwiches from the school garden.

Lettuce, mizuna (aka Japanese mustard, aka spider mustard), red lettuce, chives, rocket all filling up the salad bar

Salad bar ready to grow

The late harvest garlic is growing really well

Andrew gave the garlic a good water

A whole bed of broccoli was planted out and watered in

The garden looks lovely with a boarder of tulips and irises.

There is a physical challenge for Waitaki Valley school, a) to assemble their new glasshouse and b) to secure it firmly to something so it can withstand the mighty Waitaki Nor Westers 🙂



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