It’s turning into summer

As the weather warms, we are getting some hints of the summer season ahead.  School gardens have been preparing and planting out the essentials.
We have a fair bit of thanks to give out.  Over the last month many generous souls have donated their time and seedlings to the Kids Growing programme.
from Otemata donated many tomato plants.  Kat Mac from Kophai BnB in Duntroon donated strawberry plants and goji and raspberry plants. St Vincent de Paul donated a big beautiful blue teapot for the communtiy gardens so we can make herb teas to enjoy.
Project Oamaru have donated a cast iron pan for us to cook in the school gardens. Think vege and herb omelets and berry pancakes!
Also Topflite seed company have generously donated a big bag of sunflower seeds that have made there was into many school garden, pockets and plots at home.
So a very big thank you to the generosity of our community members and businesses that have donated to the Kids Growing Project.
In Kids Growing news.  Duntroon School Garden Club students have been making seed containers so seeds are dry and safe from mice in the shed.


Students enjoyed soing home with a selection of seeds and the latest kids gardening magazine

Students have been enjoying taste testing the purple broccoli

Lou lou staring at St Josephs school



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