Harvest begins in earnest

The obvious way to know whether your apples are ready to harvest is to observe whether the birds are interested in them.. you may notice they are falling from the tree so another easy test is to cut in half and if the seeds are black the fruit is ready.. if white it needs more time


Bergamot.. a popular flavour in earl grey tea. The leaves may be used sparingly in salads. Medicinally used primarily to relieve nausea, vomiting and menstrual pain.. But truely a delightful pink flamingo of the garden and the blossoms seem to last a satisfyingly long time


The first apples to ripen in the garden this year


The herb garden in full bloom and going to seed


The same garden shortly after. Many herbs are invasive so must be cut down mid summer before they form seed.. the lovely bonus is that they will quickly regrow and you will enjoy a longer flowering in the late autumn

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