Black Gold!

A well constructed and brewed compost is an essential aspect of successful food growing. To create a mix ready for the garden takes about 6 months so now is the time to get started on a fresh batch in order to be in time for spring planting.




A key component is freshly

cut grass clippings.

20160224_132157  Thinly layered with diced up, unseeded weeds and greens cleared from beds





Sawdust or woodchips








Spray free manure, cow if possible.





Be sure to dampen the layers as you go, ensuring that no one layer is too thick other wise it can clog.

The pile should heat up considerably for a week or so. the pile should be turned twice, after 2 and 4 months.


20160224_140417When it comes time to add to the finished compost to the garden its is ideal to sift it to ensure a smooth combining with the soil. Add about 3 to 5 cms to the surface of the bed and scratch in slightly.

And abundance shall be yours!



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