Another Bee Under My Belt

Last Wednesday the working bee was a washout. Let’s face it, the whole country was drenched. I wondered about whether we could garden in the rain, was there something we could do? But nope. Too wet to do any good.

This week, nothing short of last week’s rain could have kept me away. I’m really enjoying getting away from the keyboard, and putting my fingers in the dirt, learning a bit of this and that along the way.


I don’t think gardening at home by myself would have got me as interested as learning by way of WCG working bee… there, I can ask a question and someone usually has an insight. Gardening apps can only get me so far… today Barbara mentioned it’s best to hold off on pruning the roses until August. Nice one, and thanks Barbara.

So together she and I dug up some Burdock root.  No small feat though, just saying… burdock has a deep taproot (a long root that runs straight to the centre of the earth from the looks of things, with smaller roots springing off the sides and also burrowing to eternity). So we had a very long spade and some serious graft to get this out of the ground.

We took it in turns and got huge chunks of root (and those flapping elephant leaves) dug out and dished up. Who needs the menfolk when you have a couple of well-aged women about?!

That wasn’t the end of it though… the end goal was to make a prebiotic! You read that correctly, ‘prebiotic’ as opposed to ‘probiotic’. You see, a prebiotic provides food for a probiotic to work more effectively. Who knew? Ra did. And now we do and so do you.

Want to know more? Google “prebiotic vs probiotic” or check out some details here.

How we made the prebiotic tincture is:

  • wash the dirt off the roots
  • scrape the hard outer skin off the root (think of it like peeling carrots, only easier)
  • chop the roots into smallish pieces and fill a clean jar
  • pour apple cider vinegar over into the jar and fill
  • put a lid on it
  • wait… ’til it ferments…

Ra says the foam is the really potent stuff, but we’ll have to see what we do next, once we’ve got to that stage. Sounds like we drain it off and keep it as a medicine. I’ll let you know as I know more.

Ok so here’s the completed jars waiting… I’m making some at home too so will see how mine progresses.


If you’re keen to join in, pop up to the gardens tomorrow where you’ll find a tub of burdock root in the hub, break a piece off, take it home and give it a try.


If you want to know more about burdock root (and yes, you can cook it and eat it, just like any root veggie), have a Google or check out some additional ideas here.

I gotta be honest, I’m pretty circumspect about where I get my sources so a good old Google might take you farther than I would want to go. As far as I can tell, burdock root can’t harm you. The only caveat to that, that I can find, is that catch-all opt-out, ‘allergies’. So what have you got to lose? It just might do you a world of good.

I’ll let you know how my experiment comes along. Meantime, happy gardening and if you got some burdock root recipes of your own, let us know below.


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