Foundations & Beans

My last two working bees have been weeks apart. And I really missed being at the Waitaki Community Gardens in between! I mean missed it properly.

I’m finding my feet – like I’ve written before, being the least experienced person in the mix is a really exciting thing. So this week, Ra had Colin and I fill in the foundation she’d spent days digging out – ready for the new tunnel house!

So we barrowed some turf and topsoil from a pile and got to work. I have to say my spadework is improving and I haven’t forgotten Ra’s advice to take turns using the spade with each side of my body (and my back got a fairly even workout as a consequence).

What you see above is the foundation for our new tunnel house and it’s going to keep progressing over the next little while. There are so many different ways to volunteer so give Ra a call or text on 021 115 4884 if you’re keen to help get it up.

I have to say a huge thanks to Rotary International and the Otago Community Trust for the funding so we can grow even more seeds for our schools and community. The satisfaction of seeing something by the people for the people, is very cool indeed.

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to have Grandpa G show me how to plant beans. Yes, a lot of local kids will know that it’s not hard – but I’d never done it before! Such gorgeous neat rows when we were done and it was really interesting to see Grandpa G building up the earth around the plants to support them while surrounding them in well-oxygenated soil – smart! Ra and Barbara sorted the fencing to keep the rabbits out. Another lovely job well done… and as you can see – a gorgeous day to do it on!


If you’re thinking about volunteering or simply want to learn some gardening skills – come join in the fun! Wednesdays 1-3 is the weekly working bee (all welcome) or contact Ra (021 115 4884), or pop up and complete a volunteering form (by the office) and Ra will be in touch. It’s both that easy… and that good!



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