We’re creating some magic up on the hill with our very own little microclimate and there’s room for everyone. Our volunteers are exceptional. Could you be one too?

Some GREAT Reasons to Join our Team

  • To meet new people and gain companionship
  • To gain work experience in a particular skill or the field of horticulture while taking a break from paid employment
  • To get a reference for future work opportunities
  • To contribute to our cause in a position of responsibility
  • An opportunity to practice a hobby on a regular basis and use it for the greater good
  • To learn new skills or gain confidence in using recently developed skills
  • To pass on skills, knowledge and experience to others
  • To create a tradition that your whole family can be involved in
  • To feel useful and needed in society
  • An opportunity to practice English in a real-life setting
  • An opportunity to be a part of something bigger
  • To help shape the future of our organisation and community
  • To keep your mind and body, busy and active

We welcome all levels of skill from all kinds of people – learning and sharing is our purpose for being. There a whole bunch of jobs we could use your help with… check them out here.

Why not sign up now to be part of our volunteer crew?


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